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exactly what is OBD on-board diagnosis system

OBD is English On - Board Diagnostics, Chinese translation for "automatic on-board analysis system" the program will likely be through the engine working status monitoring no matter whether automobile tail fuel exceeds bid anytime, after overweight, will quicklyissued a warning. Every time a system failure,obd ii fault lamp (MIL) or Test (Verify Engine) warning lights, simultaneously, the powertrain manage module (PCM) fault info saved in memory, through sure procedures could be fault code reading from your PCM. In accordance for the fault code, upkeep personnel can speedily and precisely decide the nature and the spot of a fault.

Given that the 1980 s, the us, Japan, Europe etc every large car manufacture business began while in the generation of efi cars geared up with OBD, early OBD capabilities without tests. Additional superior than OBD OBD - ?? in the mid - 1990 - s technology, the American culture of automotive engineers (SAE) made an ordinary specification, expected the auto production business in accordance while using the requirements of OBD - ?? offers unified prognosis product, within the late ninety s, automobiles coming into the north American marketplace in accordance with all the new criteria established the OBD.

OBD - ?? and each of the on-board self-diagnosis technique prior to the difference is usually that you will discover rigid emissions target, the essence of which is general performance checking emissions from autos. In the event the car emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) or gas evaporation pollution exceeding the expectations set by the, difficulties mild will light-weight up the police.

Despite the fact that the OBD - ?? for checking automobile emissions may be very helpful, nevertheless the driver may be warned all by "self". For that reason, more sophisticated than OBD - ?? OBD - ?? made. OBD - ?? major reason is always to make the auto detection, upkeep and management, to be able to meet the requirements of environmental protection. OBD - ?? program respectively into the engine, transmission, Abdominal muscles as well as other techniques in the Ecu (personal computer) to read through the fault code and other similar data, and make use of the compact automobile interaction method,obd2 andriod such as GPS navigation system or wireless conversation strategy to code, place of fault codes and the vehicle's identification information and facts for instance the automatic announcement administration department, administrative department according towards the vehicle emissions levels to concern instructions to it, which include upkeep tips where you go, time restrict, and many others, to solve the challenge of emissions could be vehicles for beyond enough time limit violations issued a ban command. OBD - ?? method not just can, hence, issued a warning on the driving of auto emissions trouble, but will also to punish offenders.

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Careucar OBD2 scan tools sharing center10

good car
10. The composition of pneumatic Stomach muscles regulator usually adopt what type of? Is split into quite a few varieties?

Essential related, composition and hydraulic anti-lock control technique generally adopts the split sort framework. Might be divided into no relay valve kind and have a relay valve form.

eleven. What is the Ab muscles command channel? What's the influence from the Abs?

Inside the anti-lock braking management program, can independently anti-lock force adjustment of braking pipe known as a brake channel. Regulate channel will have an effect on the number of explosion-proof stone the complexity of the braking method, the command result, expense, ought to undertake picking out according to distinct specifications.

12. What's a low range basic principle, principle with the yaw management, high?

Together to manage, if hooked up to prevent the identical manage channel problem worst wheel brake lock would not come about for your theory regulate the brake tension of the brake channel,obd ii called the brake channel reduced decide on theory of anti-lock braking manage.

If hooked up so as to reduce precisely the same handle channel circumstances greatest wheel brake lock would not occur for that basic principle change the brake strain from the brake channel, known as the regulate the antilock brake channel decide on by high rules.

Regulate unit to be sure the two impartial manage channel's manage wheel doesn't take place below the premise of lock, when reduce the very poor adhesion conditions if the wheel brake pressure, helps prevent the increasing adhesion circumstances better wheel brake tension, by restricting the brake pressure change with the two wheels, is known as the yaw command principle.

13. Ahead of and just after lock the difference effects on motor vehicle directional steadiness?

Lock around the car entrance wheel brake course balance injury modest, directional security on motor vehicle rear wheel brake, holding in death in the problems may be very big.

fourteen. Within the scope in the various velocity of Stomach muscles which handle principle should be applied?

Auto at higher speed (> 120 km/h), the car on both sides of your front and rear wheels should really be on equally sides, according to the principles of lower collection manage in position to guarantee that every one wheels is not going to happen with lock, along with a stability of coaxial wheel braking pressure.

Average velocity (50-120), when dealing with the entrance axle wheel anti-lock manage in accordance with all the theory with the yaw handle, plus the two wheels on the rear axle must pick out by small theory for anti-lock regulate collectively.

fifteen. When damp and free surface area highway ought to be ways to have out Ab muscles management

When wheels FuHua occurs, should certainly be a front wheel out of anti-lock braking regulate, might make the front wheel lock to ensure that the h2o movie amongst wheel and street area wipe, to further improve the adhesion coefficient of the rear wheels, and in a particular time frame will be two rear wheel brake pressure continue to be at minimal amounts, to make sure the soundness with the course with the car.

Braking when the car during the snow or gravel street floor, should the wheel brake lock to drag, the highway is usually the snow or gravel pile up before the wheel, make for growing the adhesion coefficient of the wheel, is helpful to shorten the braking length.

sixteen.Frequently applied in Ab muscles control of the command parameters have?

The wheel reference slip ratio, Angle velocity and Angle acceleration reduction

17..From the means of Abdominal muscles regulate tips on how to recognize highway adhesion coefficient?

In case the wheel brake force from the brake pressure raise or decrease the Angle of your hour reduction velocity and angular acceleration is more substantial, the regulate device to determine the adhesion coefficient of street surface area of the wheel is superior, conversely, thought of the highway with low adhesion coefficient.

eighteen.What is EBD? The outcome how?

Anti-lock braking handle procedure electrical energy distribution operate. So as to reduce untimely rear wheel all through braking to embrace death, more improve the path steadiness of car.

19. Exactly what are the solutions to managing the implementation drive torque to turn

Energetic torque handle and adhesive affliction

twenty.Tips on how to handle through the brake intervention to circumvent slippery?

In driving wheel slip occurs, making use of average slip of your wheel braking torque.

21.Anti-skid regulate theory below different driving point out?

Speed up, really should opt for by significant rules adjusting engine output torque, based on the theory of impartial generate wheel brake pressure control

Moderate pace, reduced opt for ideas changing motor output torque, in accordance with the principle of impartial drive wheel brake force handle

Speeding, not from the driving wheel braking intervention to avoid slippery brick, can only in accordance along with the basic principle of minimal pick out modifying engine output torque balancing on both of those sides of the travel wheel traction

Steering control, the theory to settle on by lower regulate motor torque, and figure out irrespective of whether brake intervention in accordance with the velocity vary, if the pace is small, can opt for by low theory of obd2 andriod slip wheel brake torque exert moderate, if your velocity is high, not imposed.

When braking around the brake pedal, the brake switch enter signal into a management unit, regulate device to brake on car requirements, well timed stop drive torque handle, to be able to management the anti-lock brake handle system to function.

22.In advance of and after the vehicle steering wheel lateral sliding what consequence are you able to lead to?

Front wheel slip out might make the vehicle look understeer phenomenon, rear wheel slip out may make the vehicle show up oversteer phenomenon. Understeer and oversteer are motor vehicle steering security, poor general performance, large velocity from the cars, cars and trucks are inclined to lose the path handle, consequently creates the jogging deviation, aspect flip, convert and serious effects and so forth.

23.Steering balance command program ways to variety?

In anti-lock braking and steering wheel drive stop slippery brick system about the basis of adding steering overall body yawing angular velocity sensor, sensor, hardware, and so forth.

24.The steering steadiness command method sensor turned real and anticipated

Anti-slip security handle unit according to the rotation with the steering wheel might be identified equivalent to the steering wheel Angle envisioned yawing angular velocity, yawing angular velocity sensor is set according to entire body entire body truly yawing angular velocity.


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